Atlanta City Occasions - What to do, Things to See

Atlanta is one city in Georgia that offers just about something for everyone throughout the year. Atlanta usually boasts of warm weather throughout the year so you do not have to worry about a lack of outdoor activities when you visit this southern city.

Some of the annual events that you might enjoy when you visit the city of Atlanta include the following.

Christmas Walk in Atlanta

Visit Atlanta during the first weekend of December so that you can participate in the Christmas Walk in the historic center of the city. Many of the homes on the historic marker are open to the public for the Christmas Walk and you can actually go into the homes and see the interiors of some of the finest mansions in Atlanta. This is one thing that you will not want to miss if you are in town during this time of the year.

The Georgia Pecan Fair

The Pecan Fair is held to signify the coming of spring and is usually held the last weekend in March each year. This annual event is held in the city center and features pecan pies as well as roasted and candied pecans. This was mentioned in a recent news article in Atlanta at This event has been held at Centennial Olympic Park for the past few years and is something for everyone who enjoys not only pecans but also wishes to participate in welcoming spring.

Magnolia Days in Atlanta, GA

Magnolia Days brings back a bit of the Old South and this event takes place the first week of May each year. Magnolia Days is more of a city wide event and encompasses Callaway Gardens as well as the Atlanta History Center. You can see pictures from the festival in Atlanta over at There is much to see and do during this time of the year and a Magnolia Queen is usually a much vied for title in Atlanta. The Magnolia Queen rides in the parade that starts off the Magnolia Days celebration as well as reigns over the event. The title is passed on each year. Many people dress in clothing from a bygone age during the Magnolia Days celebration. If you are in Atlanta during the first week of May, you might enjoy Magnolia Days.

The Georgia Peach Festival

Georgia is known for producing some of the tastiest peaches in the country. There are peach festivals taking place throughout the state but the Atlanta Peach Festival is always held the first weekend after Labor Day Weekend at Centennial Park. In addition to featuring peaches, the event also features peach pies, peach ice cream and a huge carnival and fair that is fun for both young and old alike.

Haunted Tours of Atlanta, Georgia

Beginning in October of every year, the Haunted Atlanta tours really pick up with tours of Underground Atlanta. Check out a recent video posted from a local company in Atlanta at You can take a haunted tour of Atlanta throughout the year, but the Underground Haunted Tours are only available each weekend in October. This is one event that you will enjoy when you visit Atlanta during the month of October.

Fox Theater Days in Downtown Atlanta, GA

The final weekend of November signifies Fox Theater Days. These days Fox Theater shows live theater and street talent performances along with workshops for rising performers. Fox Theater Days happen to be part of Atlanta history within the last twenty years.

There are lots of attractions to go to whenever you arrived at Atlanta, Georgia. You will find usually occasions that occur all year round within this sunny and welcoming southern city so stop by for any visit!